IV. Consent Agenda Items

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Date Adopted: 
Friday, November 16, 2018


  1. Consent Agenda Items
    1. Approve minutes from October 15, 2018 Work Session
    2. Approve minutes from October, 2018 Board Meeting
    3. Approve October 2018 Monthly Financial Reports
    4. Approve November Bill Listing
    5. Approve Personnel Recommendations
    6. Second Reading Board Policies 504-505.9 Student Activities, Student Government, Student Organizations, Student Publications, Student Publications Code, Student Social Events, Student Performances, Student Fund Raising, Student Activity Program, Student Scholastic Achievement, Assignment of Courses, Student Progress Reports and Conferences, Student Promotion - Retention – Acceleration, Student Honors and Awards, Testing Program, Graduation Requirements, Early Graduation, Commencement, Parental Involvement
    7. First Reading Board Policies: 506-507.5 Student Records, Student Records Access, Use of Student Records Regulation, Student Directory Information, Use of Directory Information, Student Photographs, Student Library Circulation Records, Student Health and Well-Being, Student Health and Immunization Certificates, Administration of Medication to Students, Communicable Diseases – Students, Student Illness or Injury at School, Emergency Plans and Drills
      1. Approve Updated Policy 506.1
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